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Breaking Barriers is a Rochdale-based, multi disciplinary production company that creates exceptional films, theatrical productions, binaural audio pieces and outdoor walking tours with local communities and international artists.

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Level Playing Field

Level Playing Field is a powerful film made by and for young people across Tameside, exploring how boys and girls can be good allies to each other, to help reduce the levels of harmful behaviours and violence against women and girls in society.

It aims to help level the playing field for boys and girls by showing each other equal respect, and boys calling out harmful behaviour and attitudes.

“The team at Breaking Barriers were energised by what they were doing and this is evident in the finished piece, a snapshot of Lancashire culture that will stand the test of time. Here at Culturapedia, we are thrilled to have worked with Breaking Barriers and look forward to the next collaboration.”

Robert Howell, Director at Culturapedia Lancashire

“Working with the team from Breaking Barriers was a pleasure.  They flexibly worked to fit in with our busy workloads and make the most of the opportunities.  They were friendly and set those who featured in the film at ease and ensured we gathered the best content.  The end result is a great showcase of our work far superior in quality to that we could have achieved ourselves and worth the investment.”

Tim Wiseman, Thames Valley Police

“Breaking Barriers have been very supportive of our different journeys and have encouraged us to explore ways of making live art. Opportunities have opened up for us since working with Breaking Barriers and we’re embracing them.”

Shirley and Sam Jamil, Rochdale Creative Duo

“Our project was completed efficiently and ahead of schedule. What’s more, all of our input and ideas were explored, taken on board, and incorporated into the production. There was constant communication and expertise put into a final film that the entire team are delighted with. We will definitely be working with Breaking Barriers again if the opportunity arises.”

Felix Tasker, Children Heard and Seen

“Breaking Barriers are passionate about what they do and bring with them lots of creativity, energy and enthusiasm. We have found it very easy to work alongside them, as our core values of putting the people at the forefront of our work is a priority we share.”

Shabaz Ahmed, Community Development Officer, Building Bridges Pendle